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Hoss here and i'm glad you are surfing TheStrugglingWarrior. This is a safe space for people diagnosed with OCD who want to live life as it should be lived - stress free. I will help guide you through this process from my past experiences, what i learned about OCD and how i'm dealing with it on a daily basis. So, dont freak out, and lets kick OCD's Ass together, become legendary ... Learn More...

A Complete Guide to Control OCD & Anxiety

“Your struggles fuel your conviction to conquer them and live the life of a Warrior.”

Did you know that 2% of the world population suffers from OCD and related emotional distress? You are not alone, and you are not a lost cause when it comes to overcoming OCD compulsions. At Struggling Warrior you get access to a complete OCD guide explaining the best ways to deal with OCD and anxiety powered by inspiration and motivation from someone who has first-hand experience of battling OCD and conquering it.

Expert Help with OCD Anxiety

I am Hoss, an OCD warrior just like you! I am an electrical engineer by profession and a life coach by passion. My mission behind starting The Struggling Warrior was to motivate people who like me fight with obsessive-compulsive disorder day in and day out and are seeking the best therapy for OCD.

The power to overcome your OCD compulsions lies within you, and you can do it because I will coach you with essential tips and a motivational yet therapeutic approach that will transform your life. Defeating OCD, you can have a life as normal as anyone else’s; Hoss will be your guide and partner in this healing process.

Recently Published

Organizational OCD: Signs & Symptoms

Organizational OCD, often known as O-OCD, manifests as an intense need for order and symmetry, leading to distressing obsessions and compulsive behaviors. It goes beyond typical preferences for neatness and can significantly impact daily functioning. While an organized life is…

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What is Religious OCD?

Welcome to the discussion on religious OCD, a specific subtype of obsessive-compulsive disorder that centers around intrusive and distressing thoughts, obsessions, or doubts related to religious or moral beliefs. In this article, we will delve into the nature of religious OCD, its…

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